The event held on 9th November launched a Guide created on the EUARENAS (EuComMeet’s sister project) that combines media discourse analysis with future-thinking approaches. Through a series of practical activities and step-by-step instructions, the Guide enables practitioners from different sectors to use media discourses as source material for signals about our future and to explore the drivers of change in society.Who is it for?

The guide would be particularly useful for:

  • applied and participatory researchers
  • policymakers
  • public service workers
  • civil society actors
  • co-production facilitators
  • community organisers
  • activists

Foresight – or future thinking – provides scope for people to think about the future and use this to model and respond to potential prospective circumstances. In an ever-changing world, it asks us to think about our future, what challenges are on the horizon, and how we can address them to achieve shared outcomes. The media is both a window into, and a shaper of the ideologies and behaviours of society, and through looking at the discourses within it we can identify signals about our future.

You can read more and download the Guide directly from the EUARENAS website here: