The TOUR4EU team had the opportunity to present the EuComMeet project and conduct short interviews with 8 members of the ENVE Commission of the CoR. The interviewees praised the participants of the EuComMeet deliberative event for their commitment and emphasised the importance of citizens’ involvement in shaping climate and environmental policies at local, national and European level.

The global video features exclusive interviews with esteemed members of the European Committee of the Regions, including Anna Maria Censi, Nadia Pellefigue, Arno Kompatscher, Alison Gilliland, Adam Struzik, Vincent Chauvet, Mathieu Cuip, and Eeva-Liisa Nieminen.

We explored their crucial roles in shaping climate and environmental policies and learnt about the remarkable initiatives undertaken by the interviewees in their regions and municipalities to drive the transition to a sustainable future. This comprehensive video compilation brings together the diverse experiences and expertise of these leaders, highlighting the collective efforts being made across Europe to combat climate change and foster sustainable development.

All of this in support of the EuComMeet Plenary Event, a deliberative initiative to demonstrate the usefulness of the EuComMeet platform: a groundbreaking online tool designed to facilitate local deliberations in small and medium-sized municipalities. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, the platform enables community members to come together, discuss important issues, and contribute to decision-making processes. It offers a flexible and scalable solution for engaging citizens in meaningful dialogue.

Watch the interviews here