NetHood is a nonprofit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in January 2015. Its current activities include: the facilitation of information exchanges and collaborations between researchers, practitioners, activists, and citizens; the participation in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, education, and action projects; and the development of Do-It-Yourself tools and methodologies for empowering local actors to build networked localities that can support each other without suppressing their differences.

Thanks to its technical competence in quantitative research methods, NetHood will support the EuComMeet consortium in the development of the automated moderation platform that will be included and tested in the mini-publics deliberation, with the software being adapted to the needs of EuComMeet’s research design.

NetHood’s technical and methodological support is crucial to the successful implementation of this stage of the project. In particular, Nethood will provide specific expertise on the automated moderation that will be integrated in the platform for the Participatory Spaces in WP2 and will be used in the research design set up in WP3.